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1986.03.07 Liverpool
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United Kingdom  
Venue: Liverpool System

one recording on the tracker


Half Man Half Biscuit
Liverpool System
7th March 1986

Picked this up from a record fair in Liverpool in the late 80s.

01 Fuckin' 'ell it's Fred Titmus
02 Reflections In A Flat
03 99% of Gargoyles look like Bob Todd
04 1966 and all that
05 Len Ganley Stance
06 Architecture and Morality, Ted and Alice
07 Time Flies By
08 I Left My Heart in Papworth General
09 Sealclubbing
10 God Gave Us Life
11 Continuous Cremation of Hattie Jacques
12 Trumpton Riots
13 All I Want For Christmas is a Dukla Prague Away Kit
14 I Hate Nerys Hughes
15 Bastard Son of Dean Friedman

The keyboard player didn't make it for this one, which Nigel comments on at the start.  Not bad quality for a 20 year old tape of a hot, packed and sweaty gig.  Nigel asks the crowd to move back several times ("it's like a f**king Tranmere game in here"wink.gif.  There's a lot of tuning and twiddling between songs.  Towards the end of side 1, there's some high pitched buzzing, which I think is some tape deterioration.

The Continuous Cremation of Hattie Jacques was later retitled Carry On Cremating.

Source: TDK D60 > AIWA tape deck > Audacity > TLH > FLAC > you

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